Annabel Gat's Astrology Show

Annabel Gat's Astrology Show

Astrologer Annabel Gat, known worldwide for her daily and monthly horoscopes on Vice/Broadly, discusses this week's astrological transits, interviews her favorite astrologers and gives mini lessons about astrology.

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    New Moon in Libra

    Charmed premiers 10/14 9/8c! We take a quick look at the difference in planetary energy between now and when the show first aired in the 90s. A new moon in Libra arrives on 10/7, Mercury enters Scorpio and more intense planetary connections take place.

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    Pluto and Venus, Power and Change

    Pluto ends its retrograde as Venus begins its retrograde journey in Scorpio, Annabel reflects on these themes in relation to recent events and the Kavanaugh hearing.

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    Full Moon in Aries and the Week Ahead

    There's nothing wrong with being "needy" (so long as you respect boundaries, of course!) because we all NEED each other! Libra season is here, and with that, a full moon in Aries... where does independence fit in with all this? Take a listen to find out.

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    This Week's Astrology

    What's in the sky this week? Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mars square Uranus, and Mercury and the Sun enter Libra.

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    New Moon in Virgo and Venus enters Scorpio

    Will you clean up your act during this psychic Virgo new moon only to get dirty with Venus in Scorpio? Listen to today's episode to find out!

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    Pisces Full Moon

    The Sun is in Virgo, the Moon is in Pisces, and there's a grand trine during this full moon. What does that mean? Annabel Gat discusses all this in today's show.

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    Mars Retrograde 2018

    Annabel discusses Mars's reentry into Capricorn on August 12, 2018, the five things you should avoid doing during this time and how it will affect each sign.

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